The Bardini Foundation Newsletter Archives

The Backside of Beyond newsletter has been created and published by Don Lauria since the fall of 1998. Originally a quarterly, beginning with the Winter 2004-2005 issue, the newsletter was issued semi-annually. Much of the history of the foundation and the life of Allan Bard is covered in these Newsletters. The back issues are provided for your reading enjoyment and to keep you up on Foundation news.

These files are now in Acrobat PDF format for faster access and easier printing. You may print copies if you have Acrobat Reader installed.

The Backside of Beyond includes Foundation activities, news, biographies, anecdotes, articles written by Allan Bard, and promotional ads.

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Fall 1998 Issue Winter 98/99 Issue No Spring 1999 Issue Summer 1999 Issue
Fall 1999 Issue Winter 99/00 Issue Spring 2000 Issue Summer 2000 Issue
Fall 2000 Issue Winter 00/01 Issue Spring 2001 Issue Summer 2001 Issue
Fall 2001 Issue Winter 01/02 Issue No Spring 2002 Issue Spring/Summer 2002 Issue
Fall 2002 Issue Winter 02/03 Issue No Spring 2003 Issue Spring/Summer 2003 Issue
No Fall 2003 Issue Winter 03/04 Issue No Spring 2004 Issue No Summer 2004 Issue

Beginning in the year 2011 the newsletter has been published annually in the winter.

Winter 2004/2005 Summer 2005
Winter /Spring 2006 Fall/Winter 2006
Spring/Summer 2007 Winter 2007/2008
Summer 2008 Winter 2008/2009
Summer 2009 Winter 2009/2010
Winter 2010/2011 Winter 2011/2012
Winter 2012/2013 Winter 2013/2014
Winter 2014/2015 Winter 2015/2016
Winter 2016/2017 Winter 2017/2018