The Bardini Foundation was formed in memory of Allan Bard, a nationally respected mountain and ski guide, for the purpose of carrying out his intention of exposing people to the total mountain experience. The organization strives to provide the common man with John Muir's inspiration to "climb the mountains and get their good tidings" and to instill in him Muir’s “right manners of the wilderness”.

To succeed in this purpose the Bardini Foundation provides:

1. Sponsorship of courses in avalanche safety, wilderness medical care, mountaineering skills, and environmental responsibility

2. Year-round backcountry guide services

3. A newsletter to promote mountain ethics, protocol, and safety

4. Funds for search and rescue groups, for training and equipment

5. Slide shows and seminars on mountain sports, safety, and photography

6. Funds to train and accredit mountain guides, in cooperation with the American Mountain Guides Association

7. Support for youth groups, environmental, and cultural projects of community interest in Inyo County, California

8. Publication of Allan's writings and photographs

9. Continued publication and distribution of Allan's Shooting Star Guides

Bardini and the Environment

If one is wondering how the Bardini Foundation “fits” into the category of environmental activist, one can go to Patagonia’s website grant application guidelines where it is stated that “the battle to save our environment will never be won unless the public is informed.“

The Bardini Foundation has three approaches to reach the goal of an informed public:

Recreational through guided treks, ski tours, and peak climbs,

educational through rock climbing and avalanche courses,

conservationist through leave-no-trace classes.

All of our youth activities are conducted gratis. Our guiding and educational service fees are minimal--priced well below the market because we seek no profit and require no growth. We need only meet the immediate expense of the service. Our general operating expenses are covered through donations.

John Muir wrote that the Sierra should be explored by everyone with "the right manners of the wilderness". In that vein, we strive to enlist the support and cooperation of our clientele, the common man, in preserving the forests and other natural features of the Sierra Nevada by allowing them to explore and enjoy the Sierra Nevada with specific attention to minimum impact use. Excursions of this sort, properly conducted, do an infinite amount of good toward awakening proper interest in the forests and the other natural features of the Sierra.

Ansel Adams said "the mountains are more to us than a mere proving ground of strength and alert skill. Rock climbing should be considered a thrilling means to a more important end." After all, rock climbing has spawned many environmental activists, Yvon Chouinard and David Brower being among the more prominent.

Brower implied that mountain outings are "the best source of the conservation warrior." Muir argued that travelers come back from the wilderness ready to fight for its preservation. The Bardini Foundation is dedicated to creating future warriors for the wilderness.